Why Shop With Us?

Why is it so hard to slice a tomato in the UK?

Since living in the UK I've struggled with kitchen knives that just aren't sharp enough, doing my best to sharpen them (when I could remember), but they always soon lose their edge. I just wanted a great set of sharp kitchen knives to make preparing and chopping food easier, but when asking friends for recommendations nobody seemed to be that happy with their own!

And then Mum reminded me of her great Staysharp knives that she'd had for a long time that were ... well, always sharp! In fact when we did the maths, it was well over 20 years ago when she first purchased them in NZ and they're still just as good today. (So much so, that up until I got my own set she even used to bring them with her on Christmas Day for all the food prep and carving the turkey!) But when I started looking in stores and online there was nowhere to buy Staysharp knives in the UK which obviously got me thinking, these knives need to be available here!

So after a lot of research, time and effort, that's exactly what we've done ... bought the fantastic Staysharp knife range to the UK.  We're so confident these are the only sharp kitchen knives you'll ever need to buy they come with a lifetime guarantee.  We're sure you'll love the Staysharp knive range as much as we do!

Self-Sharpening Staysharp Knives