How to make the best scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are often one of the first dishes we learn as a young cook. Fully mastering this fare can be more difficult than it looks. How many times have you hoped to serve fluffy, delicious eggs like those from your local cafe, but you end up with a spongy dry mess? Well, we are here to help. Try these tips to help you master the scramble every time! 

Non-stick is key!

Don't even bother with your stainless steel and cast iron pans, the eggs will stick no matter what, meaning more mess at cleanup. You also want to choose the right type & sized pan for the job; too big and your eggs could burn, too small and they will be a watery mush. 

Quality eggs

As with all food, the better the quality, the better your dish will be. And eggs are no exception. Fresh, free-range eggs bought from your local market not only taste better, they are better for you. Click herefor a few tips on how to know if your eggs are fresh. 

Indulge in butter

For really delicious (and indulgent) scrambled eggs, skip the milk and cream and add a knob of butter near the end of the cooking process. Not a fan of butter? Use a dash of olive oil to cook your eggs instead. 

Mix before you fry

This may be obvious to some, but make sure you crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk well before you fry. This will help prevent those white and yellow streaks often seen in a novice scramble. 

Slow and steady wins the race

One of the most important points for perfect scrambled eggs is to cook them in a pre-heated pan, over a low to medium heat. If you are impatient and turn up the heat too high, you will be left with overly dry eggs. Ensure you use a heat resistant spatula to stir the eggs, as it will be easier to manoeuvre than a wooden spoon, and prevent your non-stick pan from being scratched. 

Last but not least

Don't forget, like all proteins, eggs will continue to cook even after you have removed them from the heat. Serve immediately, or transfer to a serving dish to prevent over-cooking.

Now that you know how to cook delicious, cafe-quality scrambled eggs, remember there are a whole variety of different seasonings to try. From your standard salt and pepper, to soft cheeses, cheddar and herbs like parsley, tarragon and dill - there are such a variety of different flavours, you will never get sick of the good old scrambled egg!


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