How to carve your favourite meats like a pro


After your joint or poultry has finished cooking, be sure to let it stand for at least 20 minutes. This is so the meat 'relaxes' and the juices flow through the joint. You'd be surprised how many people attack their roast as soon as it comes out the oven, and then wonder why it's dry and chewy.

If you're thinking of using an electric knife, please don't!

Ideally, you need a long, sharp knife. You wouldn't go wrong with one of our Staysharp Self-Sharpening Carving Knifes!  Use the entire length of the knife to carve, you want to cut across the grain (fibres) to create even slices.

If you use a fork to hold the meat in place, press lightly. If you stick the fork hard into the joint, everything will collapse and you'll squeeze those sumptuous juices out.


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