Is your bread knife up to scratch?

Bread week

It's bread week on the Great British Bake Off which got us thinking about how important a good bread knife is for cutting through your favourite loaf without squashing it down or ripping it apart!

The contrast of tough crust and soft interior make bread a unique cutting challenge. Designed for a chopping action, even the sharpest flat-edged knife will struggle with loaves – the large downward force they need to break the crust simply squashes and rips the bread. The pointed teeth on a bread knife concentrate downward pressure, biting into the crust. The concaves of the serration reduce friction enabling a sawing action that cuts through the crumb in a series of small tears for a neat slice.

But to keep a bread knife sharp is not the easiest of tasks, that's why our Staysharp Bread Knife is the essential bread knife to have in your kitchen, with it's self-sharpening scabbard it will always be sharp for cutting through any type of bread and it's also great for cutting tough skinned foods like tomatoes and sausages!

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